Jay Carlon, artistic director of the company CARLON, pairs up with the Industry’s baritone / actor David Castillo and Grammy award-winning composer Alex Wand to create an evening length dance theater work in search of the Filipino-American narrative. Inspired by his upbringing, growing up competitive wrestling and the youngest of 12 to a Filipino-Catholic, migrant-working family, CARLON’s new evening length work FLEX will be an in-depth focus on colonization, obedience, resistance, and solidarity.

The work will feature a large ensemble cast, including Princess Grace Award-winning dancer and Dance Magazine’s Top 25 to Watch Ching Ching Wong. FLEX is dedicated to Jay’s father Honorio Carlon, who immigrated to California from the Philippines during the Great Depression for a better life and lived in untold American narrative, where he came across unexpected adversities and found solace among an immigrant community. Jay Carlon has focused exclusively on site-specific dances within his choreographic career creating works at the beach, in parking lots, and private residences, and in public parks. Jay aims to transform spaces and activates them using intense physicality and visual spectacles.

For the MAKING:LA Residency, Jay will create his first autobiographical, dance theater work by integrating Brechtian theater, text from “The Glass Menagerie” and Elaine Castillo’s “America is not the heart”, and experimental opera.

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Created + Directed by Jay Carlon

  • Choreographed in Close Collaboration with the Dancers

  • Lighting Design: Matthew Johns

  • Composed by: Alex Wand

  • Narrator + Baritone: David Castillo

  • Dancers: Orlando Agawin, Spencer Jensen, Daniel Miramontes, Samantha Mohr, Justin Morris , Joan Padeo, Gigi Todisco, Ching Ching Wong

  • Photography and Video by Jonathan Potter

Premiere: February 7-10 // 2245 L.A. Dance Project Studios