A Southern Californian native, Jay Carlon was born in Santa Barbara County to a migrant working family.  He attended the University of California, Irvine for his BFA in Dance, and the California State University, Long Beach for his MFA; his roots to California are embedded in this soil and are evident in his identity-based work and performance.  In 2016, he founded CARLON, a collaborative team of artists whose creative desires are to re-present our collective and individual psyches by reimagining the conventions of performance and space.  He is a performer and directing and management associate with site-based aerial spectacle theatre company Australia’s Strange Fruit, where he has performed at the 2014 Sochi Olympics,  Wallis Annenberg theatre, and the 2016 EXPO (Antalya, Turkey). Carlon’s immersive, interactive, and site-based choreography has been showcased at HomeLA, LA Dance Festival, 92nd Y, Annenberg Community Beach House, The Broad Museum, The CURRENT SESSIONS, Los Angeles Performance Practice, Electric Lodge, ARC Pasadena, and at Automata Theatre. Jay has also performed with the Metropolitan Opera, Palissimo, and Schoen Movement Company.  

photo by Jobel Medina