Alex Wand

Alex is a Grammy Award-winning musician and composer based in Los Angeles.  He is a guitarist and singer who has performed at venues and festivals from California to Tibet such as REDCAT, MicroFest, the Bootleg Theater, and the Xinghai International Poetry Festival. Alex performs as a solo artist and in Three ThirdsDesert Magic, and Partch

He has collaborated for the past year with CARLON on many projects, including: Sometimes I fall, Out of Bounds, and The Broad Summer Happenings, Basquiat.


Lindsey Lollie

Lindsey Lollie is a choreographer and performer in Los Angeles.  She received her BFA in dance from California Institute of the Arts. She blurs the boundaries of what is considered dance by integrating habitual language of the human body with rhythm and form.  Lollie creates for both site specific and proscenium spaces. She has presented works for Celebrate Dance, The Electric Lodge, LA Dance Festival, ARC, Redcat Spring Studio, HOME LA, CalArts Commuter Festival, Automata, The Miles Memorial Playhouse and as a guest artist for LA Contemporary Dance Company.   In 2017 Lollie premiered a new work with choreographer Jay Carlon entitled, "Sometimes I fall".  They also created work for the Automata Residency in China Town and Los Angeles Dance Festival.   Lollie has been a mover with company szalt in Los Angeles for 5 years. 

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Samantha Mohr

Native to Southern California, Samantha Mohr holds a BA in World Arts and Cultures/Dance from the University of California, Los Angeles. She has since collaborated as a performer with Lionel Popkin, David Roussève, Victoria Marks, Julien Prévieux, Elizabeth Leister, Rebecca Bruno, Laurel Jenkins, Alexx Shilling, Sarah Leddy, Monica Duncan, CARLON. Samantha has performed and presented shared works through homeLA/Frogtown in partnership with The Women’s Center for Creative Work, at the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, LACE Gallery and Highways Performance Space. In addition to dancing, she is currently pursuing her 200 hour registered yoga teacher certification with Farzaneh Noori, Hanna Gilan and Allison Linamen.


Jimmy Cabrera Jr.

Jimmy Cabrera Jr. is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Yoga Teacher based in Los Angeles.  He is a psychiatric professional working with people with mental illness, those who suffer from drug abuse and homelessness, as well as young adults in the foster care system.

Cabrera serves as an advisor to Carlon and provides insight, guidance, and professional advice to Carlon's practice.