Sometimes I fall


Sometimes I fall is an evening length immersive, movement and physical theatre performance that takes place in a parking lot with 4 dancers, 1 musician, and 1 car.  Conceived, created, and performed by native Southern Californians, Sometime I fall presents the challenges and conveniences of living in Los Angeles.  The car, a necessity in LA, is a vital character in the work, providing lighting, sound, and a vessel to dance in and atop of, and even push forward throughout the space.  Live musical accompaniment by grammy-award winning composer Alex Wand includes NASA audio recordings, binaural-brain waves, and electronic synthesizer.  Themes explored within this work include mental health, PTSD, and how trauma can inhabit our bodies and inhibit moving forward.

Co-choreographed with Lindsey Lollie.


Photography by La Mujer Tranvia